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Who Are We?

We exist to connect two constituencies — landowners and businesses. We help landowners unlock value from their existing properties. “Landowners” is a term that includes farmers who could monetize their carbon saving processes all the way to wilderness owners looking for alternative revenue streams. MinnCC exists to create and provide a market for any new carbon reduction plan that would generate credits used for offsets. Our market serves small and midsize businesses who, for any reason, want to offset their emissions.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon credits are a type of tradable permit that allow the holder to emit a certain amount of greenhouse gasses, typically carbon dioxide. One carbon credit represents 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide that has been reduced or removed from the atmosphere. The goal of carbon credits is to incentivize organizations to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gasses by imposing a cost on those emissions.

Carbon offsetting is a rapidly growing market. The advent, and spread, of ESG investing coupled with the reality of climate change has led enterprises of all sizes to prioritize reducing their environmental impact. We believe that these initiatives are not limited to large enterprises and that by providing a platform for small and midsize companies to offset their emissions, we will make long term responsible capitalism accessible for companies of all sizes.

What Can A Farmer and/or Landowner Sell on MinnCC?

Farmers can get carbon credits from any of these sources:

  • Agroforestry — the combination of agricultural and forestry practices to improve environmental quality, productivity and economic returns.
  • Peatland restoration and management - these are management measures that aim to restore the original form and function of peatland habitats to favorable conservation status.
  • Enhancing the amount of organic carbon content retained in soils.
  • Managing the nutrient makeup of cropland and grasslands
  • Engaging in livestock and manure management practices.

Farming And Carbon Credits: How to Get Started

First, click “Sell Offsets” and fill out the accompanying form. MinnCC has the expertise, tools, and support to maximize this new revenue stream.We will help you devise a plan to implement farming practices to improve soil health, enhancing its carbon sequestration and reducing carbon emissions.

What Does Carbon Farming Look Like?

Carbon farming is a science-based approach involving measuring initial data on the farm to know how changes can best be implemented and verified. This initial measurement allows us to verify all carbon credits you generate. We will contact you to gather baseline farm data including 3-5 years data on crops, yields, fertilizer rate application, farm practices, etc. This data will be used to both match you with the best possible carbon farming process and to account for all the generated carbon credits.

After assessment, MinnCC will help you with a carbon farming plan that outlines the practices leading to the creation of your verified carbon credits. Some common examples of carbon farming methods that produce carbon credits include any of the following:

  • Reduce tillage or no-fill farming
  • Growing or increasing cover crops
  • Reduced fertilizer application
  • Efficient fuel use
  • Improved residue management
  • Prescribed (rotational) grazing
  • Nitrogen management

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What Can A Landowner Sell on MinCC?

This depends on the type of land that you own. If you: 1) Own 30 or more acres of non-planted, naturally regenerating trees on your property; 2) Have the legal right to harvest on your land; and 3) Are able to commit to a 20-year agreement you are eligible for our Mature Forest Program.

Our Mature Forest Program is designed to help you grow a more robust forest through sustainable management and harvesting over the next 20 years. This program generates credits by delaying timber harvesting until the trees have reached a minimum forest stand stocking of 130 sq. ft/acre.**Salvage harvesting for personal use, like firewood, is permitted. Contact MinnCC for more details.

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About MinnCC

MinnCC is a platform that helps farmers earn money by selling carbon credits. We help farmers calculate the amount of carbon credits they have and provide them with a platform to sell them.